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‘We are not being complacent’: New Hamilton groups take anti-racism stand

Dec 9, 2016

Source- CBC

Hundreds of Hamiltonians have shown up at a handful of gatherings in recent weeks to say they’re not OK with recent incidents of racism in their city.

The incidents include:

A woman who felt targeted because of her race in the grocery store line.

A crew of young people allegedly yelling racial slurs at a group of black kids.

A cab driver being called n–ger by a passenger.

“There’s been so many things that we’ve heard in the media and it’s been very painful seeing our society change for the worse,” said Sarah Adjekum, who recently graduated with a Master’s in social work from McMaster University.

Adjekum and another McMaster student, Sarah Jama, organized an event late last month called the Anti-Racism Action Initiative that drew about 250 people to the Hamilton Central Library downtown.

“Folks see that there are changes that need to happen,” Adjekum said. “It’s a reason for me to have hope.”

Meanwhile, a collection of leaders from Hamilton’s various African and Caribbean cultural groups have banded together to keep each other informed and speak with a unified voice from the black community on local issues, especially about racism and discrimination.

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