Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion offers a variety of programs and initiatives which actively engage individuals and organizations in our community to collectively work towards our shared mission and vision and to provide tangible knowledge, tools, and skills to bring about change.

Hamilton Civic Leadership Program

The Hamilton Civic Leadership Program offers engaging and participatory sessions designed to deepen critical understanding of civic issues and promote engagement in democracy among all youth.

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Black Youth Mentorship Program

The Black Youth Mentorship Program (BYMP) helps improve the emotional well-being of Black youth in Hamilton by connecting with consistent, caring adults, to increase their resiliency, and progress toward their goals.

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Mentorship Program

Anti-Oppression Training

HCCI offers Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism Training for institutions, businesses, and others to advance equity in the workplace and to share information and tools to advance diversity and inclusion practices.

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Anti-Racism Conference

The 2020 Anti-Racism Conference explores the context of race and racism through engaging and challenging conversations with leading thinkers and activists with the objective of combating the rise of hate.

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HCCI and Dr. Ameil Joseph of the school of School Work at McMaster University are working on an independent, user-friendly community based online hate reporting platform to tackle hate on an individual and societal level.

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Hamilton students have worked together to advocate for support around issues of racism and hate speech. HCCI conducted a report to address community safety, well-being and create an action plan for Black youth in Hamilton schools.

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