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New documentary on racial equity and racism in Hamilton

Feb 4, 2016

McMaster University Ph.D students – Ismaël Traoré and Lisa Watt – recently released an educational documentary entitled “Hamilton’s Ugly Underbelly: Racism”. The film captures the personal stories of Hamiltonians who have experienced blatant and covert forms of discrimination and acknowledges the efforts some are making to heal and bring change. It also covers one of the worst racially motivated hate crime Ontario has witnessed in the 21st century, the arsoning of the Hindu Samaj Temple.

This film is intended to be used in schools, colleges, and universities across Hamilton as an introduction to topics about racism, diversity, multiculturalism, activism, antiracism, and equity. It can also be used by social service charities, non-for-profit organizations, and grassroots as a conversation café starter or as part of a workshop.

The film is available for viewing on their website