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Hamilton Community Benefits Network is Hiring

Nov 2, 2020

Job Posting Part Time Opportunity

HCBN Organizer – 2 x Positions

Are you an energized and engaged Hamilton resident with a passion for social justice and community building?

Do you want to help amply the voices of residents in the change going on in our city? Consider applying for this part-time opportunity.

Company: The Hamilton Community Benefits Network (HCBN) and Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) are engaged in building a Community Benefits Movement in the City of Hamilton.  Building on the foundation principles of the HCBN.

  1. Provide equitable economic opportunities that promote economic inclusion through apprenticeship
  2. Contribute to the integration of skilled newcomers into Professional, Administrative and Technical jobs
  3. Contribute to neighbourhood and environment improvements through building new infrastructure
  4. Support social enterprises and other related vehicles to economic inclusion through commitments to social procurement
  5. Ensure clear commitments and accountability from all parties to deliver to the CBA
  6. Distinguishing Justice from Charity
  7. Economic Justice “a set of moral principles for building economic institutions, the ultimate goal of which is to create an opportunity for each person to create a sufficient material foundation upon which to have a dignified, productive, and creative life beyond economics.”
  8. Broader engagement across the whole city including access to faith organizations, disabled residents, racialized residents, and those outside traditional structured organizations

Job Description: Your main responsibilities will be to help organize and engage with a broad section of community groups, Hamilton residents, unions and businesses to help further the growth of Community Benefits Movement in the City of Hamilton. On a flexible schedule, you will be expected to assist the HCBN Project Lead in communicating with and connecting to various groups across the city.  To help educate, empower and enable residents to join the Community Benefits Movement. To achieve this, you will be working sometimes alone, sometimes with a team. Your work will enable the HCBN to grow its membership, connect with new and previous members, and reach into areas across all 15 wards of the city to identify opportunities for Community Benefits and organize and engage residents.

Requirements and Qualifications: You will be a passionate community engaged individual who enjoys connecting with new groups and people.  You will need to be able to work alone as well as in a group.  Bringing knowledge of wordpress or other webskills would be very beneficial to this position.  Some experience in community engagement, organization and community benefits movements will be considered an asset. You should have some basic social media, office and communication skills.  We are seeking an organized individual with a deep passion for social justice and economic inclusion. This job will require working odd hours, some weekends and evenings.  It is a part time position demanding 18 hours a week.  You will be compensated 18$/h paid in a yearly salary of $16,900.  Opportunities for advancement and full-time hours will be available as the organization grows

How To Apply: Applications may be submitted by email

Posting Closes Nov 17th, at 5pm