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DiverseCity onBoard Matching Program Expands to New Groups

Oct 5, 2016

We are pleased to announce a major expansion of the DiverseCity onBoard board matching program to include communities that are currently under-represented on governance boards.

Since its inception in 2006, DiverseCity onBoard has become a catalyst for diversity in leadership and good governance in the not-for-profit and public sectors. The program has a network of over 1,800 individuals and 700 organizations, and has facilitated over 800 appointments from visible minority and under-represented immigrant communities to governance boards. It is now operational in six cities across Canada and our online governance training program, which has received widespread acclaim, is available to anyone, anywhere.

As of today, DiverseCity onBoard’s Board Matching program is available to the LGBT+ community and all women.

While the board matching program has always been open to Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples, we are now making a more concerted effort to engage with and work with this community to address its under-representation on not-for-profit and public boards across Canada.

We are currently working to expand the program to persons with disabilities and ensure that our website, matching database, and learning environment are accessible. We expect the program to be accessible in 2017.

For more information on these eligibility groups and terminology used please visit our FAQ page.

Over the coming months we will be working with local partners to address how we can collaboratively increase the inclusion of under-represented groups on governance boards across Canada to improve our leadership landscape and better serve our communities.

DiverseCity onBoard is very excited to be expanding its program to be inclusive of all groups currently under-represented on governance boards, thereby contributing to a stronger and more inclusive Canada,” said The Honourable Ratna Omidvar, founder of the Global Diversity Exchange.

We are also thrilled to announce that effective October 1st, 2016, the DiverseCity onBoard program became part of The G. Raymond Chang School for Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Dean of The Chang School, and former Ontario cabinet minister, Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, said “We are delighted to welcome DiverseCity onBoard into The Chang School. This initiative not only aligns well with The Chang School’s commitment to inclusive and diverse communities, but it also presents our learners with an invaluable opportunity to bring their skills set to the board of some outstanding Canadian not-for-profit and public organizations.

For more information, check out or contact us at 905 297 4694 x 202.