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Conference Themes

Day One: Why are we here?

Racism in Canada: Unpacking the rise of hate, racism, and xenophobia in Canada across all systems, including online, in person, systemically, through media, pop culture, literature and more

Racism across the world: Global contexts of the rise of issues such as hate, racism, xenophobia, climate change, war, and racial injustices across all systems

Individual impact: Racism as it relates to our individual bodies, minds, homes, neighbourhoods, Hamilton, Turtle Island  

Systems, work and access: Examining racial injustices in healthcare, art, media, law, education, justice system, policy, religious institutions, the nonprofit sector, business, and more

Resisting racism: Police brutality, xenophobia, coercion, hate, poverty, white supremacy, organizing, anti-indigenous racism, anti-black racism, and more

Day Two: What can we do?

Sharing best practices: Through grassroots organizing, policy changes, community building, art, electoral politics, friendship, care networks, what has worked to combat the rise of hate

Reimagining: Social justice, activism, black, indigenous, and people of colour futures, research, political involvement, citizenship, rights, policy and law, autonomy, interdependency   

Building forward: Through skill sharing, art sharing, experiential learning, storytelling, networking

Event Details

Date: Saturday March 28th 2020 and Sunday March 29th 2020

Location: The Hamilton Convention Centre, 1 Summers Ln, Hamilton ON L8P 4Y2

Presented By: The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, in partnership with The Ontario Coalition of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCAS) and

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