Mobilizing all Hamiltonians to create an inclusive and welcoming city

Over the years the scope of issues we have addressed in Hamilton and in Ontario have included, but are not limited, to economic justice, community benefits, and democratic engagement. In response, we have conducted over 200 workshops on these topics, and also undertaken a number of other forms of direct community engagement such as info sessions, town halls, training sessions, governance programs, surveys, needs assessments, organizational mentorship, diversity audits, and advocacy work.
American writer Audre Lorde asserted that there are no hierarchies of oppression. Following this philosophy, we are committed to working in solidarity with all those who are oppressed, and all those who share our values, to build an equitable and just society. We are focused on civic inclusion, civic engagement, and organizing at a grassroots level to bring about change from the bottom up. We stand against the exploitation of humans and the world around us and seek to change the systems and structures of our society for the common good.

Our Values


Undertaking anti-oppression work to correct structural power imbalances, respond to existing oppression, and support those who are oppressed


Building a more equitable city by understanding people’s lived experiences and advocating for changing the barriers that impair their ability to receive fair treatment and thrive


Always considering what is morally and ethically correct and helping empower people with the knowledge, support, and skills to address injustices

Amplification of voices

Providing platforms for people to speak from and teaching people how to advocate for the betterment of themselves, their families, and their community

Decolonial Practice

Acknowledging that there are many different models to achieve outcomes and encouraging people to seek diverse, novel, and contextual means to bring about change 

Creating a strong and Vibrant city since 2006

Civic Engagement workshops

community engagement programs

Diversity and inclusion training sessions

The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion was formed in 2006 as a result of the work undertaken through the Strengthening Hamilton Community’s Initiative, which was formed as a response to the burning of Hamilton’s Hindu Samaj Temple in 2001, following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA.
At the 2019 Ghandi Peace Festival in Hamilton, community leaders and leaders from HCCI reflected on the transformative outcomes of the Strengthening Hamilton Community’s Initiative.
HCCI’s short-term objective was to deal with the distress in the community caused by the burning of the Temple, and then to evolve as a civic resource centre to create an inclusive and welcoming city through respecting diversity, practicing equity, and speaking out against discrimination. The organization has stayed true to its foundational principles, while continuing to expand its mandate and impact.

In addition to current programs and initiatives, highlights of HCCI’s accomplishments and contributions to the community include:

Created and delivered targeted diversity and inclusion training sessions (initially called Advantage Diversity) to over 100 businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations
Hosted a series of successful Community Conversation Cafés across Hamilton to foster critical conversations about creating a welcoming and inclusive city
Held over 200 workshops and 150 programs focused on increasing civic engagement
Collaborated with the Maytree Foundation to establish the onBoard Canada program in Hamilton, London and Ottawa, which provided critical governance training for companies and diverse leaders and matched over 100 individuals to serve on nonprofit boards in Hamilton and surrounding areas
Created and delivered the Community Mobilization Program for Newcomers – a 6-week intensive training course for newcomers to prepare them for community leadership and engagement
Led coalition-building practices with other community organizations such as Hamilton ACORN, Hamilton and District Labor Council and Hamilton Community Benefits Network
Delivered training for over 1,000 members of Hamilton Police Service
Delivered over 50 anti-oppression & anti-racism workshops to community members and groups

Strategic Plan

The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion operates under the guidance of a strategic plan develop by the organization’s board of directors in partnership with senior leadership. Currently, the organization is committed to pursuing its 2019-2022 strategic priorities:

  • To maintain HCCI’s authority as a local resource that builds capacity in individuals, groups, and organizations to foster meaningful inclusion and eliminate hate in Hamilton.
  • To further grow HCCI’s network of community partners, especially with organizations that serve young people in Hamilton, in order to address systemic inequalities and injustice in our city.
  • To grow and diversify HCCI’s financial supporter and donor base to improve organizational stability and sustainability.

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