Newcomers onBoard

We are happy to launch Newcomers onBoard with a support from the Government of Ontario through the Multicultural Capacity Grant. The initiative is part of the DiverseCity onBoard program with a focus on increasing newcomers and recent immigrants involvement and participation on local boards.
In the past 2 and half years in Hamilton, over 150 individuals from diverse backgrounds have participated to access the DiverseCity onBoard training and board matching services that facilitated several board appointments. However, recent immigrants/ newcomers haven't been participating in the program at a high rate due to some barriers, including lack of awareness and lack of access to board governance training. The Newcomers onBoard initiative aims to address this gap and provide access to the program by providing training and board matching access with no cost.
Project Objectives:
  • Provide one-to-one and group information session to recent immigrants/and new Canadians on the benefit of civic participation, particularly volunteering on boards and other community committees and groups.
  • Provide access to board governance training to 20-25 selected newcomers/recent immigrants/and new Canadians.
  • Provide one-to-one support to 20-25 selected newcomers/recent immigrants and new Canadians to help them be 'board ready' (provide mock board interviews, support in preparing their board ready resumes etc)

Apply Today

Are you an immigrant/refugee and /or a new Canadian who is interested in volunteering on a non-profit or public agency board? Are you interested in developing your governance and leadership skills? If yes, apply to the Newcomers onBoard program today.
The program is now accepting applications. This program is for you if:
  • You are a new Canadian or recent immigrant living in Hamilton and the area.
  • You are ready to take an online, self-paced board governance training that takes 9-12 hours.
  • You are fluent in English (Linc 7 and up)
  • You are ready and willing to volunteer on a board

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Attend Newcomers onBoard Information Session on February 13, 2018

Nationally, more than 800 board appointments have been facilitated by DiverseCity onBoard!

Newcomers onBoard is funded by Government of Ontario, Multicultural Capacity Grant