Youth Programs

Raising awareness and preparing youth with the life skills to lead and succeed on a sustainable basis requires a collective and community approach. In recognition of this reality, Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion and Rising Stars Athletics & Education have formed a partnership to support the development of young leaders in Hamilton’s core.

HCCI and its partners at Rising Stars are committed to planning and delivering experience-based learning opportunities that allow participating youth the opportunity to get involved in the delivery of positive programming, gain valuable experience working with their peers in school and community, while ultimately building their resumes in the process. Our motivational and inspirational activities will develop self-esteem, foster trust and understanding, and provide unique opportunities for learning, while encouraging a sense of accomplishment and invoking the desire to succeed. As youth participate in our progressive workshops and activities, they will develop, refine, and enhance essential skills, tools and techniques needed to become successful leaders.

Youth leaders will:

  • Have fun while exploring various challenges at the Leadership Development Retreat.
  • Sharpen skills as they deepen their awareness of community and of what it takes to facilitate activities.
  • Demonstrate leadership capacity as they promote diversity and assist in the creation of caring and inclusive communities