Community Mobilization Training (CMT)

The CMT program has offered what could be described as a civics course for newcomers to Canada, helping them understand how all levels of government function, who to approach with an issue, the demographics of Hamilton, how they can make a meaningful difference to the city and how they can build community and civic participation. In the end, however, the program is about emotional integration, helping newcomers gain a feeling of familiarity and attachment to Hamilton.

The CMT Program:

  • Provides Information
  • Validates prior knowledge
  • Opens the door to community resources
  • Provides opportunity for debate and dialogue in a safe and inclusive environment
  • Empowers participants to seek their own solutions and take ownership of the outcome
  • Become more self confident and aware of the possibilities around them

CMT Goals:

To foster inclusive, equitable and enduring civic leadership and civic participation across the ethno-racial and ethno-cultural groups in Hamilton


To promote and facilitate full participation of Hamiltonians ethno-cultural and ethno-racial communities in decision-making processes affecting the city and its institutions, in line with principles of inclusion and the civic importance of fostering leadership and maintaining the vitality of the democratic process.


  • Understanding Diversity and Citizenship in Canada
  • Community Structure:
  • Social Inclusion and Civic Engagement
  • Strengthening and Building Communities
  • Leadership in Community:
  • Engaging Communities