Our Approach:

HCCI will convene conversations with policy makers and providers on behalf of individuals and families in need. Through this service, the HCCI has established a positive base that is firmly anchored in community engagement; institutional networks and partnerships; and an increased public awareness of the need for advocacy. In this service, HCCI has the ability to bring the public to the client through a large database of neighbourhood communities.

Community Engagement

HCCI builds community through community engagement and capacity building for both individuals and institutions.

HCCI uses a series of sustainable learning platforms, designed to empower newcomers, immigrants and racialized community members to become more involved in decision making process in the community. This engagement is done through workshops, leadership training, and community consultation-conversation cafes.

Building Capacity:

HCCI works with diverse communities to develop skills both at the individual and institutional levels. We provide strategic advice and training to organizations to help them connect better to the diverse community it serves. We offer training to community members on how to better connect to the community.

At HCCI we promote and facilitate the development of partnerships and multi-sector initiatives to create inclusive and welcoming environments in all areas of civic life, including social, cultural, and economic arenas. We partner with a wide range of community organizations in order to create sustainable change in the community. Our partners include Social Planning and Research Council, Hamilton Community Foundation, Hamilton Police Services, Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council Hamilton, Health Sciences, and local school boards.

Community Engagement Activities Include:

Community Mobilization Training (CMT) and Community Animators (CA) These programs help to connect Hamiltonians to important community issues. Our conversations cafes is one of our most promising initiatives that that have brought together more than 350 diverse people to talk to with their elected representatives on issues related to building an inclusive and welcoming city.

Public Education: HCCI educational events, workshops and resource library help Hamiltonians take action on issues that matter. We engage with schools, businesses, neighbourhoods and cultural communities.

Leadership Training: HCCI leadership program help youth and adults gain skills to make a difference in the community-whether it’s by joining a board or an advocacy group.

Resource Development: HCCI creates long lasting community resources to help the community respond to emerging issues.

  • Our Stop Hate Crimes Manual is translated into 8 languages;
  • Our Tip Sheets – Part of our Elder Abuse Awareness campaign has been translated into 6 different languages;
  • Our Handbook for parents and Tip Sheets assist parents, especially newcomer parents connect with their child’s school and are resource documents that have been translated into 6 languages and available on our website

Want to learn more Contact us at: info@hcci.ca