The world has already gone global. Is Hamilton falling behind?
The benefits of a diverse workforce have already been embraced by millions of industry leaders.

Advantage Diversity is a workplace transformation program that enables businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations to become more successful by embracing the benefits of a skilled, dynamic and diverse workforce.

Our Advantage Diversity services include…

  • Organizational assessment and diversity action planning
  • Policy development and review using diversity as a lens
  • Training at all levels
  • Staff recruitment and retention strategies
  • Marketing and communication of diversity initiatives
  • Coaching to support project implementation
  • Benchmarking and evaluation

After working with us, organizations are…

  • Understanding how a diverse workforce can positively affect their bottom line
  • Becoming aware of the multiple levels of value that diversity brings
  • Creating a vibrant environment where people want to work
  • Becoming more knowledgeable about their employees, volunteers and clients
  • Being able to identify specific barriers and opportunities within their own organization
  • Changing policy and implementing pilot projects
  • Being able to access needed resources
  • Evaluating their progress and establishing new goals

    Through our work with Advantage Diversity, we have been able to deliver training to all levels of our organization to increase our cultural competency. We’ve developed our recruiting strategy and our outreach to our diverse communities. And we’ve progressed together in our mission to reflect the community we serve.” – Client Comment on the value of the Advantage Diversity program

Of Note: Organizations that embrace change are stronger, more prosperous and prone to be more successful than the ones that don’t.