Board Matching Program Exapands

The DiverseCity onBoard board matching service now serves: Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples, LGBT+, underrepresented immigrants, visible minorities and all women

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DiverseCity onBoard

Working towards ensuring governance boards of non-profit and public bodies represent the population they serve, DiverseCity onBoard connects qualified, pre-screened candidates from visible minority and underrepresented communities to volunteer board  positions.

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Advantage Diversity

Advantage Diversity is a workplace transformation program that will enable you to realize all the benefits of a dynamic, diverse, inclusive organizational culture. We’ve worked with businesses, school boards, police services, front-line social service organizations, healthcare providers and non-profits.

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Community Engagement

HCCI uses its partnerships with diverse communities, organizations, businesses, community groups, elected representatives, labour, and citizens to facilitate dialogue and provide opportunities to build leadership skills and increase civic engagement at all levels.

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Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion is a community based organization with a mandate to create a welcoming and inclusive city.

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Looking for good Candidates ?

DiverseCity onBoard recruits potential board members
from diverse communities to meet your organization’s
governance needs.
Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) is very excited to bring this dynamic award-winning program to Hamilton.

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Advantage Diversity is a workplace transformation program that enables businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations to become more successful by embracing the benefits of a skilled, dynamic and diverse workforce.

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The CMT program has offered what could be described as a civics course for newcomers to Canada, helping them understand how all levels of government function, who to approach with an issue, the demographics of Hamilton, how they can make a meaningful difference to the city and how they can build community and civic participation.

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